Dec 22, 2010

GmailDrive Login Window
GmailDrive is a virtual drive that will be created in your computer under the My Computer folder which is  approximately 7.30 GB (I have mentioned it as approximate because it shows that much memory in my system). To activate GmailDrive in your system you should have a Gmail account and internet connection. You can get the GmailDrive software by clicking on DOWNLOAD. Install the software that you downloaded in your system. After the installation process is complete, you can see a drive named GmailDrive created under My Computer folder in your system. Now to open this GmailDrive you have to login with your Gmail user-id and password. After doing so, you can copy files anywhere from your system to this GmailDrive. While the files are being copied to the system you can see the files being delivered as attachment to your Gmail inbox. Do not delete the files from GmailDrive. Once you delete the data present in the GmailDrive the mails that you received as attachment will also get deleted. So before deleting the files from this drive make sure that you have sent the mails to intended person. If you want to back up these files permanently you can do so by just forwarding these mails to any of your other mail ids. I hope that you would have come to a conclusion about the merits and demerits that GmailDrive.



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