Dec 20, 2010

Global Scholar has got only one of its branches in India and the others are based at United States. Campus recruitment process by them consists of three rounds: a written test, technical interview and a HR interview. The written test had three sections to be completed in 90 minutes. The question paper for the first two sections will be given together and you have to complete it in first 45 minutes. The third section is another 45 minutes.

The first section consisted of 10 aptitude questions based on probability, calculating the distance, time, people needed to complete a task..etc that you have in your aptitude book and some based on profit & loss. 

The second section had program snippets where you have to either debug or justify or explain the code. 

The third section (second 45 minutes) had 5 questions in which one was debugging and the rest were writing program for the given logic. One program was to print the given matrix in a spiral form. Then using singly linked list you have to check whether or not the input string is a palindrome. One was a game between two people for which we have to calculate the points of each player and print the winner. This was based on arrays. The last program writing question was also based on array. It was printing the input sequence of the array and then to print the sequence of ascending and descending order sub arrays in the main array. Remember you have to print all the sub arrays possible for the input array. 

In a nutshell you have to be strong in programming to clear the written test. I don't have any idea about remaining rounds. If you manage to clear the written test, be prepared to answer questions on data structures using Java and also try to gain knowledge about web services. All the information in this article is based on my experience and doesn't mean that the company follows the same procedure year after year when they come for campus recruitment. I thought of writing this because there is not much information available about this company's question papers on internet.


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Still they have not given the date of joining


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