Dec 23, 2010

This post explains the steps involved in creating, uploading and adding a favicon to your blogger(blogspot) blog. I tried many websites and blogs to add a favicon to my blog but failed many times. After struggling very hard, I finally collected information from different sources and I have put it together in this post. 

Choose an image that you want to convert to a favicon. Choose one from, or to generate your favicon. You have to first upload the image you want to convert to a favicon and then download it to your computer. With this creation of favicon is over. Remember, now your favicon is a .ico file that can't be uploaded to any photos or pictures hosting services.

I found useful for uploading my favicon. Go to and there you have to fill two fields namely your website address (you are creating a site here, you should not enter the address of a site that is already available) and create a password. Now click on "Create Your Site Now!" button that is available below. Fill up the registration form that is available to activate your account. An e-mail will be sent to your inbox. Click the link in the e-mail to confirm registration. Now log in to your 110mb account with the user id and password. In the opening page after logging in you would get a page where you could see some site management tools. There you will find a file manager. Click on the blue arrow in the file manager. In the next page upload the favicon. Click on the favicon file that is listed in the page. It will open in a new web page. There you can copy the url from the address box. With this uploading is done.

3. ADD
Log in to Select design in the dashboard and go to edit html. Search for the title tag code that is shown below.
Now below this code paste the code that is given below. If you are unable to copy the code given below just type the two lines of code after the title tag.
Now replace the "Your Icon URL" in the above code with the URL of your favicon that you copied from Save the template or take a preview of the template before saving it to check whether or not it works properly. Sometimes your favicon won't appear immediately. First the blogger favicon will appear and after two seconds your favicon will appear permanently. Share this post with your friends if you find this post useful in creating a favicon.



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