Dec 22, 2010

Top 20 Countries With Most Cyber Crime
If your computer does not perform according to the written code while running a software then you are a victim of cyber crime. There are some sites that are kept only to get your personal data. They do so by asking you to fill up a form to register before requesting an online service. Only after filling up the registration form you would come to know that it was a kind of cyber crime. Cyber crime is being experienced at a larger rate in the present day world. Symantec has listed out 20 countries that face most cyber crimes. They rate these countries based on some criteria. To know more about these criteria visit enigmasoftware. In fact this article is based on the one that is written in their site. From the pie chart its clear that United States is the major contributor to these kind of activities with 23%. The second place is taken by the most populated country in the world, China, with 9%. You can see the other major influences to these activities from the pie chart. For more detailed information about cyber crimes visit enigmasoftware.



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