Feb 15, 2010

To put it simple, the national animal, panthrea tigris, of India is at stake. If this problem is left unattended then we might see the extinction of the entire species in India. This is experienced not only in India but this is happening all over the world. 40000 was the strength of the Indian tiger population at the beginning of this century and don't be surprised to know that only 1411 tigers are present in India at present. Statistics say that in 2009 alone 86 deaths have been reported. With 37 tiger sanctuaries in India, about 17 of them are on the verge of tiger extinction.

The tigers in India are not only facing natural deaths but their lives are endangered by the human population. What we should do to save tigers? We should stop pouching tigers and also stop depleting the tiger habitats. If these two are avoided then the tigers will have a happy life out there in the forests. 

How you can contribute to save tigers in our country? An awareness program has been started in India to stop pouching of tigers and depletion of their habitats. You can write about saving tigers in India in blogs like I have done or you can use twitter, facebook ..etc to pass on this message. Friends, if we neglect this for another 10 years I think we wont have any tiger left in our country and our country should have a different national animal.


Vivek-The Emperor said...

thought provoking article!!!

maggi said...

nice blog..keep it up..


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