Aug 11, 2010

This may not be the best post on how to increase your blog's traffic. I have just shared here how I built traffic to my blog.
  1. After creating a blog, send a mail to all your contacts so that they would come to know about your blog. This is the best way to announce to others about your blog.
  2. Swap your blog title and post title for better SEO results.
  3. Write quality posts that would attract readers. If someone visits your blog make sure that he/she doesn't leave the blog without reading the full post. Furnish some information that would keep the readers interested.
  4. Add social bookmarking buttons to each of your blog posts so that they can share it among their network of friends.
  5. Build links with other websites and blogs so that you would get readers from others websites and blogs.
  6. Submit your blog to atleast major blog directories.
These are some of the things that I followed to get a traffic of more than 100 unique visitors daily. I once again remind you that these are not the only way to increase your visitors but these are the steps that I followed to get the traffic that I am getting now.



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