Dec 30, 2010

The Forbes has come out with a list for the top 5 highest paid actors for the year 2010 based on their earnings from movies, advertisements and television shows. According to Forbes Johnny Depp is the highest paid actor in Hollywood for the year 2010 with an annual gross income of $75 million. Following Depp is Ben Stiller with an annual income of $53 million. Then comes Tom Hanks whose income comes from different sources like production of television programs and movies. He has reportedly earned $45 million. Adam Sandler and Leonardo DiCaprio are at 4th and 5th places with $40 and $28 million respectively. DiCaprio's income is expected to raise in the years to come due to the recent hits from him like Shutter Island and Inception. Inception is the second best grosser for the actor after Titanic. This is only the ratings for the period starting from June 2009 and till June 2010. A lot of change is expected in the list in the forthcoming year.



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