Jan 23, 2011

MNP is now finally launched in almost all the states in India. One of the reports about MNP in Haryana says that only 0.6% of the total mobile phone users used this service. So reports suggest that there wont be any major shift towards any particular operator. 

Before you use this particular service you should know a few things that are listed here. 

1. It costs 19 INR to change service and it takes 7 days in some states and a fortnight in other states like J&K and northeast.

2. If a subscriber wants to change from CDMA to GSM or vice versa then he/she has to go for a handset change of the same technology.

3. You can't carry your number to a different city, that is, you can't change circles. MNP is possible only within the local circle.

4. A user of the service should stay with the service provider for a minimum period of 90 days.

5. Go through the offers the service providers give you before you port your number to a different network.



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