Jan 8, 2011

Young Princess Diana
Diana Frances Spencer was born on 1st July in the year 1961 and lived in this complicated world for only 3 years before she died in a car accident with her companion (Dodi Fayed) and car driver (Henri Paul) in the year 1997. She had divorced her husband, prince Charles, in the year 1996 before her death. She has two children prince William and prince Harry. 

This lady though she lived for a short time in this world enjoys the prestige of being the most photographed person in the world. Many say that she never refused to show her face to the photographers unlike most of the celebrities do today. The photographers had the freedom to click her where ever she was seen like shopping, visiting the gym, and even when eating lunch.. etc., Even after her death in the year 1997 she still remains as the most photographed person in the history of the world. 



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