Mar 9, 2010

Anyone in the world would feel proud to be a owner of a car. So, what details do we look for when we plan to buy a new car? Most of us would look for better mileage, engine speed, what safety features it supports, and the list goes on till we are satisfied with the color of the car. Not to deceive you, I disclose at this point that this article doesn't give you tips how to go about buying a new car. This article is all about the largest manufacturers of car all over the world. The table below shows the sales of cars for different companies in the year 2009.

The table clearly shows that Toyota is the number one manufacturer and also as per sales. The second spot is occupied by General Motors which is very close to the first position. The table also shows other leading producers of car all over the world. According to one of the recent surveys conducted, Asian manufacturers are outperforming their North American, and many of their European competitors. Some of the experts in the automobile industry believe that economic crisis is a major reason why this down trend is observed in the North American and European markets. Let us wait and see whether this trend would reverse in the next calendar year.


Anonymous said...

hi this is a great article. its very hard to get that table you provided for 2009, let alone 2010.
Out of interest, where did yor source that data from?

I would very much appreciate if you could leave a comment on this wall with the name of the source, or somewhere where i could get this type of info from.


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