Aug 4, 2010

Top 10 Search Engines
When someone says the words 'search engine', the first name that comes to most of internet users' mind is Google. Google has around 70% of the search engine users and continues to attract more users because of its efficiency to provide best results for every search that is performed. There is a difference of around 50% between the list topper and the second placed Yahoo which has little more than 10% of search engine visitors.
Popular Search Engines
Yahoo is closely followed by Bing which also has around 10% of the search engine traffic. One of the graphs show that Google and Bing have more traffic in 2010 as compared against 2009. In the case of Yahoo there is a small decline in the percentage of users though Yahoo attracts a large number of users around the world. Search engines get traffic from direct visits, bookmarking, sharing ...etc., Though there is competition between the 2nd and 3rd places, it seems that the first place will always be occupied by Google. The other search engines that some of the users rely on are AOL, ASK ..etc., that have more than a percentage of users. 



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