Jul 29, 2010

Born in 1880 and still alive? This is the question that everyone is tempted to ask when we hear this news. Yes, Antisa Khvichava is the world's oldest person at present. She lives in a remote mountain village in Russia with her 40-year-old grandson. She recently celebrated her 130th birthday with her son, 10 grandchildren, 12 great grandchildren and six great, great grandchildren. 

While this is the story of Antisa Khvichava, there is another woman, Turinah, in Indonesia who claims that she is 157 years old. The woman still carries on with her daily activities on her own. She has the habit of smoking clove cigarettes. Though they are no proofs of her age but still officials believe that she could be 157 because her adopted daughter is 108 yrs old now. If 157 is her true age then she was born in 1853 when there were no telephones, cars, aeroplanes, and televisions. In fact the world wars din't happen at that time. 



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