Feb 13, 2010

The arrow in the logo says that the company sells everything from a to z and it also conveys the smile that the customers get by shopping in amazon.


The story about the logo of Apple goes back to the Bible story of the Adam and Eve where the Apple represents the fruit of the tree of knowledge. Even the word "Macintosh" is the name of an apple variety.


The name "Cisco" is an abbreviation of San Francisco. According to John Morgridge and the company's first president, the founders decided the name and logo while driving to Sacramento to register the company -- they saw the Golden Gate Bridge framed in the sunlight.

Sun's logo, features four interleaved copies of the word sun. The logo was designed by professor Vaughan Pratt, of Stanford University. The initial version of the logo had the sides oriented horizontally and vertically, but it was subsequently redesigned so as to appear to stand on one corner.

The logo represents the wing of the Greek Goddess. The company's first logo appeared in 1971, when the word "Nike," the Greek goddess of victory, was printed in orange over the outline of a check mark, the sign of a positive mark.


BMW stands for Bayerische Motoren Werke or Bavarian Motor Company. The logo comprises of four quadrants of alternating white and blue color. It is a stylized representation of an airplane propeller spinning against the clear blue sky. The logo represents a white propeller blade against a blue sky.



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