Feb 26, 2010

As personal computers were easily available to many, the idea of portability emerged. In the early 1970s IBM started the manufacturing of portable computers which later led to the evolution of the present day laptop computers sometimes referred to as "Notebooks" because of its size. Laptops are considered to be more efficient especially because of its architecture and portability.A desktop replacement computer is a laptop that provides most of the capabilities of a desktop computer, with a similar or better level of performance. Laptops  are light-weight, economical, energy-efficient and especially suited for wireless communication and internet access.

Today we have a number of leading laptop manufacturers in the world. The best among the manufacturers who hold the top 10 spots are DELL, SONY, FUJITSU, LENOVO, ACER, TOSHIBA, HITACHI, APPLE, COMPAQ, HEWLETT PACKARD. There are others like Samsung, HCL, Asus, Gateway, Panasonic...etc., who also do a fair contribution.  The graph above shows the malfunctioning rate of  some of  the biggest manufacturers in the world. At the same time these are all the manufacturers of the best notebooks too.

This particular graph above shows the preferences of the customers worldwide. The graph also reflects the quality of each brand. So anyone willing to buy a laptop can get an idea from these two graphs and come to a conclusion about which one to buy.



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