Dec 23, 2010

We use the world's most popular search engine, Google, to search for different information on internet. But the question here is "How effective is our search ?". Many of us are still not aware of Google's "Advanced Search". I have listed here some of the tips that I came across on web. Beware of the tips' syntax given below. If you don't follow the syntax you won't find fitting results for your search. Here I have given the syntax of each tip within double quotes. Feel free to test the examples given below and write your comments if there is any flaw.

1. Find the local time of a place. Syntax: " time in place". Example: time in India.

2. Identify local weather of a place or city. Syntax: "weather place". Example: weather Delhi. It will give the current day's weather and also for three more consecutive days.

3. Exclude a particular word in search by using -(minus sign). Syntax: "word(s) -word". Example: Antivirus -free. This example will not list out the search results with the word free.

4. Include a particular word in the search results by using +(plus sign). Syntax: "word(s) +word". Example: Antivirus +free.

5. Replace search keyword with words that are same in meaning. Syntax: "words ~(word)". Example: Linux ~manual. Results will be displayed with Linux documentation, Linux manual, Linux Tutorials..etc.,

6. Match any single word in the search phrase by using *.  Syntax: "word(s) * word(s)". Example: Linux * Softwares.

7. Using the "OR" to search for either of the words. Syntax: "word(s) OR word(s)". Example: binary search program in C OR C++. Instead of the word OR you can use "|".

8. Definition of a term. The syntax is "define" followed by the word, for which you need the definition, in angle brackets(lesser than and greater than symbols).

9. Looking to buy a product within a price range. Then this tip would help you a lot. Syntax: "word(s) $10..$100". Example: Watch $10..$100.

10. You can use Google to find solutions to your mathematical problems. No particular syntax is available for math calculations. You type it as you use in maths and check the results. In fact you can use it as a scientific calculator. Example: sqrt(9), 5+9-7, 1000 - - 5 ..etc.,

11. Unit conversions using Google. Syntax: "unit1 in unit2". Example: kg in pound. Similarly you can try for other conversions.

12. Currency conversions can also be done with the help of Google. Syntax:"currency1 in currency2". Example: USD in INR.

13. Want to search only in a specific website. Then follow this syntax " word(s) site:site url". Example: Cricket site:

14. Do you want the search words to appear in the same sequence? Then type the search words within double quotes. Example: "install oracle in Linux".

15. Search for a specific file type. Syntax: "word(s) filetype:type-of-file". Example: Linux installation filetype:ppt.

Now you know Google's language. Speak to it in the language that Google understands to get better results. Before leaving this post take a look at Google's Search Features where you can get better results for your search.



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