Feb 14, 2011

Hi reader friends, I am happy to say you all that I have completed one year of blogging with this Feb 10. I am writing this blog since last year and have received motivation and encouragement from all my friends and family members. When I started blogging I used to think a lot about blogging and how to make my blog more famous. I am happy today that I have made it somewhat popular and have generated around 11k INR in the past one year of blogging. Though most of the money came in the first 6 months of blogging I haven't left it completely. I have taken blogging as my hobby now and I keep writing posts every now and then in one of my blogs. The blog has attracted around 100000 page views so far and I am planning to increase it by expanding my blog in the future. Recently I have created a page for this blog on facebook too and there are around 14 likes for the page on facebook. There are around 22 followers for the blog among which most of them are strangers to me. There were many comments that were encouraging me to write more and more. Since nowadays I dont find enough time to write I am unable to post regularly. Once I complete my M.Tech I think I would be able to write regularly and would be able to put up some really informative posts on this blog. So finally I would like to thank all those who were with me in making this blog a success. Thank you all reader friends. 



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