Dec 24, 2010

Internet has replaced almost everything in education. If you have an internet connection at your home then you don't need a teacher or library. You can get any number of online degrees you want. In fact a country's growth can be attributed to the growth of internet users in the world. Here is the list of top 20 countries for highest internet users that I came across in a site. The world leader in population, China, is the leader when it comes to highest number of internet users followed by United States of America. The domination of internet usage by China is purely because of its high literacy rate and of course population. The country known for hard working citizens, Japan, is placed third. India is the country that is at the fourth spot but again it should be credited to its population. The list drops down with the developed economies and most populous countries. For statistics click on the image to view in large size. It doesn't matter how long we use internet but how constructively we use it that decides the growth. 



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