Dec 22, 2010

Cleanest Cities in India, 2010
As per a study conducted by the Ministry of urban development, Chandigarh emerged as the cleanest city in the country with a rating of 73.48 points for sanitation. Mysore, the second largest city in Karnataka, has been declared as the second most cleanest city in India. This rating was conducted on 423 cities in India to provide awareness and set a base line for cleanliness. These 423 cities had a population of more than 100,000. Benchmarks for the ratings were based on wastewater treatment, universal access to toilets to all including the poor...etc., The basic aim of the benchmarks were to protect the public from health hazards and to keep the environment clean. The rankings of the top 10 cities is given in the image. Click on it to view it in large size. Other smaller cities like Jamshedpur, Mandya and Bidar were placed among the top 25 because these cities were smaller and easier to manage. The only metro to show up in the top 10 was Delhi while Bangalore was placed at 12th spot. Chennai was at 13th place below Bangalore. Calcutta which is known as the dirtiest metropolis in India managed 25th place while Mumbai was placed at 45th spot. Obvously the cities at the bottom of the list were from Bihar and Uttar Pradesh. A hefty amount of 3.5 crores were spent for the study to get a knowledge about the cleanliness of these 423 cities. Hope it doesn't stop with the study alone. 



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