Dec 23, 2010

Facebook, as most of us know is the world's leading social networking website that most of the youngsters prefer to connect to their friends on internet. It has a global audience of over 488 million users throughout the world. The image shows the top ten countries with most number of facebook users. The country with the maximum users is obviously United States because it originated there. United States contributes a little over 26% to the global facebook users' database. The second country in the chart is United Kingdom with a contribution of around 5.5% to total global users. In both the top countries female users are slightly more when compared against male users. India is ranked 10th in the list and has male domination unlike the top two countries. India contributes more than 2% to the global users. Most users of this social networking site fall between the age of 18yrs and 34yrs. If you find this article informative, retweet it so that your friends would also be aware of this. For more information about facebook and its users' database visit



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