Jul 26, 2010

The most popular social networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, Orkut, LinkedIn and so on, can put you out of reach of a job. It doesn't matter which site you are using to connect to your friends. Be positive and don't write any bad comments about your staffs or colleagues, because this would cause you severe problem. 

About 79% of the human resource managers in America use the information from these sites to know about you before they pick you. So, if you are a blogger make sure that your contents are positive and no negativity surrounds it. Be sure to make a good impression with your profile that you create in these social networking sites because it is viewed by many of the employers. Not only they look for our attitude and psychology but also they check whether or not our profile is 100% complete. So everything from the lifestyle to the attitude is known to them from the comments, photos and videos that you post in these social networking sites. 

Choose your connections wisely. Accept invitations and friend requests only from the people you know. One more thing that the employers search here is that whether or not you have at least 40 friends or connections in these sites and also you should be active. If you adhere to all these conditions then you are out of danger from getting rejected from your job interview. So, be aware of these social networking sites. 



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