Dec 15, 2010

Willingdon Island is in Ernakulam district of Kerala located in south India. Its an artificial man made island made from the materials dredged while deepening Kochi port. The island is named after Lord Wellingdon, governor of Madras, who was a part of the project. A port hostel was initially built for the passengers to stay for few nights and was later named as the Malabar Hotel. The Royal Air Force constructed a large aerodrome there after 1940. When the British left India in 1947 they left an indispensable transport hub. The aerodrome was later extensively developed and it became the city's modern air port. Its one of the major ports in India and a landmark in the city of Cochin, Kerala. Willingdon island is connected to the main land by road and rail routes. The island has some of the best hotels, commercial and industrial offices on it. The island is the hub of activity with number of offices, branches of national and international banks, travel agencies..etc., One can not miss this island after visiting the city of Cochin for the first time.



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