Jul 13, 2010

The common problem that most of us face during summer is the heat that season brings with it. Here are some useful  tips to reduce body heat and keep the body cool during summer and also during other seasons.

1) Take oil bath twice a week. Oil bath reduces the body heat to a great extent.

2) Drink butter milk, coconut water and atleast 3 litres of plain water to keep body heat under check. Drinking enough amount of water protects our body against many diseases.

3) Eat vegetarian food, especially green leafy vegetables, because taking meat increses the body heat. Also, see to that you include cucmber, water melon... etc., in your daily diet which has lot of water content i it.

4) Apply oil and massage your head for atleast 10 minutes so that the heat in the body gets reduced.

5) One more effective way to control heat is to soak tulsi seeds in water for atleast 15 minutes and drink the water with the seeds. This will reduce the heat completely and keep the body very cool. Beware of the amount of seeds you intake daily. It should not be more than a pinch.

6) Avoid going out on very hot days and maintain regular meal timings. Don't skip food.

If you feel that I have left out some important tips, please comment on this post so that it would be useful to the readers those who search for these information. Also share your personal health tips here so that every reader can benefit from this article.



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