Jul 6, 2010

Tulsi is a small plant that is found in plenty in India especially in the southern states. This plant is also closely related to the Hindu community. Some people of this community never forget to pray tulsi everyday morning. There are three different varieties of tulsi available namely Krishna, Vana and Rama tulsi. 

This plant has a lot of medicinal values. It has got anti-oxidant properties that reduce the level of glucose in the blood there by controlling diabetics. It also reduces cholesterol and blood pressure there by reducing heart diseases. It is also used for preparing herbal tea which helps in building up stamina.

Not only its leaves are useful but the oil made from it are also useful and have a lot of medicinal values. Its seeds help in reducing the human body heat. Recent research have suggested that tulsi has got analgesic properties which would be helpful in reducing pain in the body, that is, it could be used as pain killer. So, whether or not you have these diseases, it is good to have a tulsi plant at home. Cultivate the habit of  taking few tulsi leaves before your breakfast to say no to some of the diseases permanently.



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