Mar 12, 2010

Day by day soft drinks (soda) are being advertised on a large scale and we people keep encouraging it by consuming in large quantities. Soft drinks have become a part of most people's daily food habit. Many have the habit of drinking it at the minimum once a day. But, have we ever thought what effect does these soft drinks in the market really have on our body. The answer to this question is definitely a big NO. Its time to know the bad effects the carbonated drinks have on our body.

Soft drinks are responsible for weight gain, obesity, dental decay, sugar crash, dehydration, blood pressure and soda also affects liver and kidney. The harmful effects of these can be felt and tested by yourself. When you put a small piece of your nail in coca cola for 4 days it would erode completely and it takes only 2 days for human bones to get eroded. The tooth decay or enamel erosion is due to the pH level of the acid that is present in the soft drink. A study says that if the pH level of the acid is less than 5 then it would have a severe enamel erosion. Not only tooth decay but there are many hazards to the health if soft drinks are taken in large quantity.

 Instead of taking soft drinks we can switch over to fresh fruit juices or raw fruits which don't have any harmful effect as well as they are also good to health. For few days after you stop soft drinks you would feel sugar let-down. Be prepared for that. To overcome this you can have bottled water or just plain water with lemon added to it. One can even prefer tender coconut to soft drinks. After all, it's in our hands to take good care of our health.



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