May 4, 2010

Where does your country stand in the table of literacy rate? The United Nations Development Programme has come out with a list of countries according to their literacy rates. The Holy See (Vatican City) is not included in the list by them due to some reasons but it enjoys a literacy rate of 100 percent. Leaving Vatican City aside the only other country to reach the 100 percent mark is Georgia. Cuba, Estonia, and Latvia share the second spot with a rate of 99.8%.

Barbados, Slovenia, Belarus, Lithuania, and Ukraine share the 5th place in the table with a literacy rate of 99.7%. Kazakhstan and Tajikistan share the next two places in the table with 99.6%. Most of the European countries including United Kingdom and United States,  and Australia share the 19th spot with a literacy rate of 99 percent. Burkina Faso, Mali, Chad, Niger and Guinea are the countries that are bottom most in the table with a literacy rate that is below 30 percent. To know more about literacy rates of other countries click here.



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